White Eagle Goatskin Mechanics Gloves

SKU 2153

White Eagle Goatskin Mechanics Glove by DC Glove


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    I really love these gloves...the 2x runs large, but would greatly appreciate it if you would make a 3x. Just need a little more room please

    I used to get these gloves at a co-op in small farm town. I agree with the others. Best gloves I can find perfect fit, flexible, tough enough to offer protection. They will wear out under heavy use but that is the toss up of thiner gloves. They are never very expensive so always well worth it. Super hard to find though.

    I know my gloves and I've searched all over for a glove that gives protection with absolute minimum interference handling small parts (nails, bolts, nuts, etc). These gloves are absolutely outstanding. They hug your skin and are the MOST flexible mechanics gloves I've ever owned. I just picked up another 5 pair just in case for some unforeseen reason they stop making them.
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