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Best Mechanic Gloves

The job of a car mechanic is quite an unsafe one. Besides other technicalities and hazards involved in the work, it’s the hands that need to be taken care of. They need to deal with power tools, corrosive liquid, chemicals, electric shocks, and the list goes on. Taking care of your hands keeps you longer in the game and does your job with ease.

Whether you are a professional mechanic or a Sunday DIY mechanic, the right gloves are your savior. Given below is a list of some of the best mechanic gloves that every mechanic should know about.

Best mechanic gloves 

  1. Original Coyote

This type of gloves was originally designed for the military with high-quality form-fitting material. Their quality has been time-tested and provides the utmost protection to your hands. The fit of these gloves is perfect and quite comfortable to work with. The touch-screen capability is yet another fantastic feature. They are easily washable in machines. 

The cost of these gloves is a little on the higher side but totally worth every penny.

  1. Nitrile disposable gloves

The polymer material of these gloves makes them best for a mechanic’s job due to the abrasive properties and puncture-resistance feature. It provides a strong grip even in an oily environment. They are best used when you have to deal with a lot of oil or grease from preventing your hands from repeated hand wash.

These disposable gloves can protect your hands from contaminants and keep them safe. They cannot be easily torn and will stand up to tough jobs. They are perfect for use while working on car engines, painting processes, or blackened creases.

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3. Gloves with hyperfit technology

Gloves with hyperfit technology provide the wearer with an unmatched fit keeping his hands cool and comfortable. Built with super-stretch material, it offers exceptional flexibility. They are touch-screen friendly too helping a mechanic work without any issues. The long-lasting material ensures that they withstand tough jobs and environments.

They are best for dealing with abrasive car parts and handling various tools for vehicle repair.

  1. Impact and cut resistant gloves

Impact and cut resistant gloves provide utmost protection from injuries and accidents resulting from heavy automotive parts and equipment. They provide perfect grip in every environment including oily, dry, and wet.

These are best suited for working with different tools and parts in a confined space.

  1. Latex disposable gloves

These gloves provide perfect protection and grip to the hands. They offer chemical resistance including acids and the highest performance level. They are reasonably priced so quite friendly for the pocket. They provide excellent elasticity, something which every mechanic desires. However, they are not suitable for someone who suffers from latex allergies.

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How to choose the right mechanic gloves?

Pay attention to the following criteria while choosing to buy the best mechanic gloves for yourself or your employees:

  1. Protection and safety

The purpose of wearing mechanical gloves is to protect the hands from injuries and accidents. The hands are the most important asset of a mechanic, without which he/she cannot perform any job.

Select the globe based on what kind of work you need to deal with on a regular basis. A heavy-duty working environment will demand superior quality coyote gloves while mild repair work would need something less heavy. So make the decision accordingly after considering which gloves suit what kind of work.

  1. Grip

The next important thing is the grip. Not all gloves provide the same grip to your hands. While dealing with delicate and small items, a strong grip is mandatory. The grip also plays a key role while dealing in an oily or wet environment as compared to dry ones. Without the proper grip, small nuts or bowls could end up in the wrong place resulting in a total disaster. Hence, choose a pair with an excellent grip.

  1. Fit and comfort

Fit and comfort are necessary to help you work without any disturbances. An oversized or undersized pair of gloves would not fetch you the desired flexibility to do your job properly. It is important to try it on and check the fit before buying a pair of mechanic gloves.

  1. Durability

Mechanic gloves are not meant to be tucked in safely in your closet. Their whole purpose is to be used rigorously as much as possible. Hence, durability is a crucial factor. If they do not last long, you will end up wasting your money buying the same thing again and again. Invest in a pair that ensures durability and endurance.

  1. Additional features

Try to find a pair that also provides certain additional features besides just the basics. This way, you do not have to buy a different pair for a different set of work. If a single pair of gloves can be used in every kind of job, that would be the best investment.


At DC glove, you are sure to get protection and safety equipment at reasonable prices. Our collection of mechanic gloves includes Deerskin gloves, vinyl gloves, and many more. If you need any assistance in selecting a pair of gloves for your work, you can get in touch with us. We will help you choose the best pair to help you do your job with ease. All our products are reasonable prices and offer complete value for money. 

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