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Contractors Going Old School With Deerskin Gloves
We’ve discussed the benefits of deerskin gloves before but over the past couple of years, the demand for these products has increased significantly. This is interesting when you consider the advancements in construction technology, including safety gear. Gear is now more flexible, offers more protection, helps with heat and cold as well as keeps your skin protected from vibrations. You would think with those kinds of advancements that old school tricks and tools wouldn’t be as in demand. As great as these advancements are, contractors are still committed to these older and more proven options for a variety of reasons that are hard to duplicate. 


Let’s begin with the first reason contractors are using deerskin gloves more these days, they are comfortable. You do not pick out a set of boots because they are stylish and truthfully, you’re not even worried about the protection they provide. You want something that’s comfortable because you’re going to be wearing them all day. Can you move in them, can you work in them? The answer is yes and if you don’t mind having them on, you’re more likely to keep them on, reducing the times you are not wearing proper protective gear. 

If you ask anyone who works in a profession that requires safety gear the first thing, they will tell you is the best gear are the ones that they do not have to worry about wearing. It doesn’t cause discomfort or irritate them and that’s the key to choosing the right protective gear. 


Another key to selecting the proper safety gear is that you need to make sure that you are able to do the work. Imagine trying to grab a nail from your tool belt and you have to take your gloves off each time. You’re eventually going to get tired of that routine and just leave the protective gear off which increases your chances of having an accident. Contractors find deerskin as one of the best options because it does allow them to have the flexibility, they need to grab small items and not have to worry about putting the gear on and taking it off over and over again. 

Climate Friendly 

Whether it’s summer or winter, these gloves can do the trick as far as keeping your hands protected while you are working outdoors. This is an amazing feature that few other types of protective gear can boast. Being adaptable to multiple climates is key as you want to be able to use the same gear as much as possible. Everyone who works outside knows that you can have freezing temperatures in the morning but after working outdoors and as the day gets warmer, that gear you’re wearing may become an inconvenience more than a benefit. Having gloves that are adaptable to both climates and allow you to keep working without having to make changes is a great benefit. 


Boots, gloves, hardhats, vests and other safety gear are not fashion statements, they are worn for protection and that is the most important thing contractors look for with these products. The key for deerskin gloves is that they do provide the necessary protection for most outdoor work and they are very durable. That’s valuable because it ensures that you can get months or years of use out of them, and they will offer you the same high-quality protection each time you use them. 

There are thousands of new products available that have helped improve the quality of our work outdoors and in the construction field. However, as technology continues to create new and exciting opportunities for us, we cannot forget about some of the old school options that got us here in the first place. Sometimes, these older options are still better and it’s important that you take that into consideration as you look at different options for safety gear. 

At DC Glove & Safety, we pride ourselves in having a great selection of deerskin gloves and focus on making sure that every piece of safety equipment that we offer is up to par with what you need to get the job done and keep yourself and your crew protected. If you have any questions about these or other options we have available, please contact us today for immediate assistance and more information.
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