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Polar Penguin Glove Becomes Favorite For Cold Weather Work
Work smarter, not harder is the thought a worker has when researching polar penguin glove options. We have all heard that phrase a few thousand times in our lives as we try to find ways to improve efficiency in our efforts. It doesn’t actually mean to not work hard. Instead, it focuses on understanding the challenges you have in the hundreds or thousands of tasks you must complete each and every day. Based on your industry, there may be dozens of products created that are designed to assist a worker with many of those tasks, providing them comfort and safety needed to continue this type of work each day. 

However, there are other fields where the workers are not aware of this type of gear and have to make do with what they can find online or what is recommended by coworkers. One field that sees a particularly high level of injuries due to wear and tear is the construction field. 

Jobs including laborers, concrete specialists, roofers, impact window installation and others are very tough on the body and require unbelievable repetition. Each day, a worker must put their body through an insane amount of physical punishment to get each task completed. Lifting, kneeling, climbing, hammering and so forth. The repetitions may become normal, but they still take a toll on the body, especially in cold weather where the challenge becomes staying warm and dry. Moisture destroys the body in cold weather and makes it more difficult to complete even the easiest tasks. 

It’s a physically demanding job that does not get the attention it deserves because people do not realize the impact it can have on a person physically. The fact is that it can take a serious toll on the body and cause long-term chronic ailments including back, knee, joint and muscle pain. Some of these workers have learned to work smarter by taking a deep look into construction gear as it becomes available. 

Construction gear is designed to absorb the impact of strenuous activity while protecting the skin from cuts and punctures. Sound similar? These workers must also deal with extreme cold as they work in winter months and throughout the day and must carry cold items and ensure that their hands are protected not only from the cold, but from the moisture that forms from the labor. Utilizing proven construction safety gear can make a big difference in the job and help your body handle the challenges much better. 

Construction Gear That Works For Cold Weather 

• Polar Penguin Glove: Knit gloves are a popular choice because they keep the hands warm, but they also protect against moisture during use. The latex coated palm is ideal for gripping cold and wet objects without having to worry about them slipping. Anyone who has ever tried to grip a hammer in the winter knows this challenge very well. 
Knee Pads: Wearing knee pads, either over your pants or under, will provide cushion that supports not only your knees, but your back as well. This is one of the most underutilized and valuable pieces of safety gear a contractor can use. 
• Back Support: Braces, weight belts and other types of support will help you to maintain good posture as you are working. The repetition that comes with bad posture may not cause immediate effects, but over time, it can cause back problems that are noticed throughout the day, even when you are not working. Ideally, you will wear them throughout the day but even just wearing them when you have to life heavier items is smart. 
• Cushioned Shoes: Regular sneakers will fail you time and time again because they are designed to enhance your activity in sports, not to support you while you are working 8-hour days doing general labor. Shoes designed for contractors, nurses and professions that require people to be on their feet all day are better equipped to help protect people and their bodies from wear and tear. Keep in mind, your feet are not the only thing impacted by your selection of your shoes. Selecting a better option in footwear has helped workers improve back, joint, knee and leg discomfort as well. 

Construction is one of the most physically demanding jobs out there, but other fields are not far behind. If you are spending the majority of your day doing general labor you need to consider finding new gear that will protect your body, not just from immediate issues, but potentially long-term ones as well. 

At DC Glove & Safety LLC, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with proven and reliable safety gear to protect themselves in both the short and long-term. Every item you see on our site comes with detailed information so that you can make the choice that’s best for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today for immediate assistance.
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