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Top 7 Reasons Why Deerskin Gloves are The Best

Choosing the right pair of gloves can be quite daunting, especially if you are looking for something that serves your purpose well and stays within your estimated budget. Because there are many glove brands available in the market, it can be confusing to choose one from the lot.

Don't worry, for we have you covered. We have done some legwork to help you find the best pair of gloves for your unique needs.

Irrespective of its brand, there are certain characteristics every glove should possess. They should offer adequate warmth and be durable while being flexible enough to provide freedom of movement to your fingers. Basically, a leather glove should be like a second skin offering you comfort.

While the glove's design is decisive, eventually, it all boils down to the quality of leather used in the glove. According to most master leather cutters, you can't beat a deerskin leather when it comes to quality, durability, ergonomics & flexibility.

This article will explain in detail why Deerskin gloves are considered to be the best and discuss some unique features about them.

We will first have a sneak peek into the crafting process of a leather glove!

Crafting Process of Leather Gloves

The basic process involved in manufacturing a leather glove remains the same irrespective of its purpose. The significant difference lies in the material with which the glove is made. For the sake of simplicity, we will focus on gloves that are suitable for outdoor purposes.

Due to its durability, softness, and flexibility, Deerskin leather is preferred over Peccary or Carpincho leather for gloves meant to be used for outdoor activities.

Leather Cutting

After a thorough inspection of the deerskin, it is powdered and dampened for optimizing its elasticity. This is mainly done to ensure that the leather gives a perfect fit.

Once the optimum elasticity is achieved, the leather is table cut, then stretched, and again machine cut with the help of size forms for a perfect fit. Cutting the leather for a perfect fit is an art only master leather cutters can do.


The cut pieces are carefully marked & cut before it is stitched together along the lining by several seamstresses and seamsters. It is then carefully ironed to remove any wrinkles.

Seven Reasons Why Deerskin Gloves are Considered to be the Best:

#1: It is Soft & Supple

Irrespective of its intended purpose, a glove should be soft. Deerskin leather is soft, supple, and strong. Owing to which it is comfortable to wear and offers adequate protection.

An essential feature of deerskin gloves is that it can stretch width-wise, which ensures that it seamlessly conforms to your hand. They act like a coating over your skin without tampering with the dexterity of your fingers.

Just make sure that when you buy a deerskin glove, you get a size that is a bit tighter and on the snug side. This will ensure that the glove fits on your hands perfectly once the fibers are done stretching.

#2: Water Repellent

Deerskin leathers have intrinsic water-repelling property. This means that even if it gets wet, it won't dry stiff like other leathers. This property of the leather makes it ideal to use in humid climates or light rain.

That being said, keep in mind that deerskin gloves are not waterproof. It takes special treatment and processing to make it waterproof. If you are looking for a waterproof glove, we suggest you go ahead with other variants.

#3: Exceptional Durability

As said earlier, deer skins are exceptionally strong while being soft. Owing to which they are highly durable and are known for their abrasion resistance, which explains why deerskin gloves are preferred by people who work outdoors.

Apart from being resistant to abrasions, they don't easily tear or rip quickly, offering a better life.

It is interesting to note that deerskin gloves are also used as motorcycle gloves. The thick and soft leather offers adequate protection from road, bugs, sun, and weather. They also provide protection in case of a fall.

Deerskin gloves are also good insulators. With little modification, you can use the glove in any climate.

#4: They are easy to maintain

Unlike other leathers, deerskin leathers have natural water-repelling property because of which, you can wash your glove if you want to. Just use a little leather cleaner and leather conditioner with each wash to prolong your glove's life.

#5 Natural Colouring

The one thing that worries most glove owners is that leather gloves tend to stain when they get wet. This is most commonly seen in gloves made of cowhide, goat hide, or similar alternatives.

Unlike these gloves, deerskin gloves have a natural color. The maximum glove manufacturers do, is to bleach the deerskin leather to give it a balanced look. Other than bleaching, no artificial colors are used because of which you don't have to worry about stain transfer when your glove is wet.

#6: Superior Finger Dexterity

The first thing to look for while purchasing a glove is its dexterity. Deerskin gloves are known for their superior finger dexterity because of its elasticity. As said earlier, Deerskin gloves expand width-wise, which ensures that it seamlessly conforms to your hand.

Superior finger dexterity offered by deerskin gloves makes it a favourite among riders. It can especially come in handy when you are grabbing for your wallet, putting on your riding glasses

#7: Relatively Low Price

The abundance of deerskin leather in the market helps keep the glove market stable. Which also explains why deerskin gloves cost relatively less than others.

How to Extend the Life of Your Deerskin Glove?

As said earlier, deerskin gloves are renowned for their durability & abrasion resistance. With little care, you can extend your deerskin’s life.

Clean your gloves once in a while, especially if they get stained. Similarly, if they get wet, allow them to dry flat at room temperature. Avoid drying your glove using a hairdryer or placing them on a radiator.

To Sum Up

Now that you know the benefits of Deerskin gloves, all you need to do is to get yourdeerskin glove from a reliable store.

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